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Formed in 1995 by a group of concerned citizens, NursingHomeMonitors.org is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of the American elderly by fighting abuse, neglect, and exploitation in our nation's nursing homes.

Our Mission

  • To empower nursing home residents, prospective residents, their families and the community by educating and offering assistance with problems of care in the nursing home setting
  • To hold the nursing home industry accountable by exposing bad practices in specific nursing homes
  • To hold the oversight agencies accountable by seeing that they follow guidelines for conducting surveys, complaint investigations and enforcement of regulations
  • To hold legislators accountable by exposing them when they support laws detrimental to nursing home residents
  • To see that nursing home residents do not lose their rights as US citizens because they are living in a nursing home

There are a number of ways you can help end nursing home abuse. Consider a nursing degree from Lewis University online and get started today.

Cameras Provide Protection

Nursing Home Monitors supports the use of family-controlled cameras in individual patient's rooms in nursing homes. Apply for participation in our no-cost Family-Controlled Surveillance Camera Project.

Click here for information on the Camera Project

About Violette King - Executive Director

From Progressive Women Magazine

Ombudsmen call her solutions to the nursing home dilemma the best and recommend that they should be included in every publication about nursing homes. Mark Carr, Illinois Department of Human Rights official, said: "There have been more changes in policy and procedure in Long Term Care in the last 3-4 years because of Nursing Home Monitors, than in the last 20 years before that time." Margaret Niederer, PhD, Illinois Ombudsman, in an 11/2002 letter said: "Thanks for the truth. Your article, Families must dare to care, is the best piece of writing on what families need to do that I have ever read. This should be put in every publication in the nation." The St. Louis Post-Dispatch in its "Neglected to Death" investigative series of 11/2002, called Violette King one of the nation's leading voices for nursing home reform. Steve Orr, attorney and Illinois Department of Public Health Chief of Long Term Care said: "Nursing Home Monitors has caused us to increase our focus on many problem facilities and facilities with 'YO-YO' compliance because they are in the nursing homes so much." [For more information on Progressive Women Magazine - www.prgwmn.com]

Violette King accepted the "Women of Worth" award on October 22, 2003 from the St. Louis, Missouri Gateway Chapter of the Older Women's League. Women of Worth honorees have made a difference in the lives of midlife and older women in the community and beyond. They have created innovative projects, demonstrated high ethical and professional standards, overcome obstacles, and serve as inspiring and outstanding role models.

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are cameras legal in CA nursing homes?

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